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Symantec safety expert on why some cities are risky

Residents of Seattle experience the highest per capita attempts at cybercrime. San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, D.C. aren't far behind.

Symantec Internet safety advocate, Marian Merritt Symantec

If you live in Seattle, Boston, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, or Raleigh, N.C., then you're in one of the top five riskiest cities when it comes to cybercrime.

But, it's not where you live that makes it more dangerous, it's the type of acclivities that people in these cities tend to do, according to Symantec Internet safety advocate Marian Merritt.

"Some of the common factors for residents of those cities would be highly educated, affluent, a lot of people using tech all day long in a variety of fashions," Merritt said. "It's those activities that have more to do with increasing their risk than the ZIP code that they live in."

In this podcast interview, Merritt talks about things that city dwellers and others can do to minimize their risk.


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Symantec Internet safety advocate, Marian Merritt Symantec