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Symantec looks to sell more services

New approach to selling services is aimed at getting customers to buy more than just security testing, code review.

Symantec on Monday plans to reintroduce @Stake's services as Symantec Secure Application Services, just over a year after acquiring the security consulting and software company.

Key to the new launch is an effort to get customers to buy more than "penetration testing," the testing of the security of software used by an organization. Penetration testing is the most commonly bought service offered by @Stake, Symantec said.

"Instead of offering the penetration test as a standalone service, we're looking to work with our clients to use the right mix of training, code reviews, design assessment, penetration testing and process to achieve the result of more secure applications," said Brad Arkin, a senior manager at Symantec.

In addition to penetration testing, Symantec's consultants offer a variety of services including: help securing application development processes; assessment of security of an application at the design level; review of source code; and training on application security.

Symantec Secure Application Services are available only in the Americas.