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Symantec issues patch for flaw in backup software

Vulnerabilities could let attackers gain remote control of a system, security company warns.

Security specialist Symantec issued a critical update on Tuesday for its Veritas NetBackup 6.0 PureDisk Remote Office Edition, whose vulnerabilities could allow attackers to gain remote control over a user's system.

Symantec issued the security update to address buffer overflow vulnerabilities found in the HTML-embedded scripting language PHP, which is used in its PureDisk software, according to Symantec's security advisory.

Symantec encountered similar buffer overflow vulnerabilities with its NetBackup software earlier this year. The concerns surrounding that problem were compounded when a security organization publicly released computer code that could exploit the flaws.

In this latest case with PureDisk, however, Symantec says it is not aware of any publicly available exploit code.