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Symantec demos Project Guru at Demo 09

Symantec's Project Guru provides online tools for tech savvy people to provide remote support to their friends and family who need it.

Are you sick of trying to diagnose your friends' computer problems over the phone?

Symantec is showing a demo on Tuesday at the Demo 2009 conference in Palm Desert, Calif., of a Web-based tool that allows tech savvy people to provide remote support to friends and family having computer problems.

Project Guru allows a user to connect remotely to another computer to troubleshoot and correct problems, with the connection secured using encryption and authentication. The tool offers diagnostic tools for network monitoring and identifying software installed on the remote computer.

The software uses that same internally developed technology as Symantec's Software as a Service Online Remote Access offering and is complementary to NortonLive PC help services, which offers round-the-clock phone support.

Project Guru is in pilot release with select partners and is planned for pilot release to customers in the second half of the year, Symantec said.

Project Guru lets people diagnose problems on remote computers over the Web. Symantec