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Sybase rolls out replication server

The updated server allows firms to ship copies of centrally stored databases to various locations, like branch offices or mobile users.

Sybase today rolled out the latest version of its replication server, the company said.

Replication Server 11.5 is available now for Digital Unix, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Microsoft NT, and Sun Solaris. The updated server allows companies to ship copies of centrally stored databases to various locations, like branch offices or to mobile users, for example.

The new version of the Replication Server provides companies with a data management product that gives them the ability to link more than 25 different types of data sources. It also allows them to integrate all of their applications, including multiple packaged applications from enterprise resource planning vendors such as PeopleSoft or Baan, without requiring changes to applications or databases, the company said.

"The new server fits into the growing distributed enterprise market," Craig Woods, a marketing manager for Replication Server, said, noting that the product follows through with the company's "information anywhere" strategy.

Getting information to the right people at the right time, "has become important for IT departments, particularly in supply chain or enterprise resource planning companies," Woods said.

Replication Server 11.5 now includes a new management framework that synchronizes moving data between systems and includes a new geographical replication manager tool for users.

The new server also will manage applications if the network goes down, to ensure no information is lost. It includes data view and distribution options that allow organizations to send out information and reduce database maintenance time.

Pricing for the Replication Server 11.5 starts at $2,695 for two to eight concurrent users, the company said.

In addition, Sybase said a new Replication Agent for Informix, that lets data be transferred between Informix databases and corporate data stores, is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter.