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Sybase revamps e-mail tools

OneBridge 5.5 and Afaria 5.5 aim to secure e-mail and data transmission on mobile devices.

Sybase's iAnywhere said Tuesday that it has released updates to its mobile e-mail application OneBridge 5.5 and to its security e-mail product Afaria 5.5, in a move to secure e-mail and data transmission when using mobile devices.

OneBridge 5.5, which is designed to automatically deliver received e-mail messages to a mobile device, will now interoperate with security features offered by Afaria 5.5. OneBridge will also enable users to encrypt information on their mobile devices. Afaria 5.5, meanwhile, aims to enhance its security offering by using FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic software in its Windows Mobile and Palm architectures.