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Sybase iAnywhere: Exchange, Lotus Domino in native iPhone email client

Sybase iAnywhere: Exchange, Lotus Domino in native iPhone email client

While most iPhone solutions for accessing Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino services have been thus far relegated to a Web-based interface, Sybase annonced today at the Mobile Business Expo in New York that it will be shipping a tool that allows direct access to these services through the iPhone's native email client. This will presumably not only provide a better overall experience for interacting with Exchange and Lotus email while online, but will also allow offline access to stored email.

ZDNet reports that although Sybase worked with Apple on the tool, iAnywhere does not rely on the forthcoming native application iPhone SDK:

"The Information Anywhere suite connects mobile clients to email systems using standards, but not IMAP, which many email administrators shun do to potential unfettered exposure of email traffic to the Internet. Those using the Sybase solution for making the iPhone a corporate email client will be able to use their mobile networks to securely synchronize and replicate their emails [...] The Sybase approach will work with any iPhone and supports all Domino versions from R6 through the new version 8, as well as Exchange 2000 through Exchange 2007."

Sybase says iAnwyhere for the iPhone will be available in the first half of 2008 and has set up a notification form for interested users.