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Swype looks beyond Droid X to the iPhone

The just-announced Droid X supports Swype's text-inputting technology. It is the small company's first big win in the space. Its next target: the iPhone.

A view of how Swype works.
A view of how Swype works. Swype

The newly announced Motorola Droid X will feature a familiar virtual keyboard. But the smartphone will also come with Swype, a technology that lets people drag their finger from letter to letter to type out a message.

According to Swype, it makes for a "very accurate" text-input system that offers "very rapid text entry."

But with the Droid X firmly in the Swype camp, the company is looking beyond Motorola to license its technology. And it has its sights set on Apple's iPhone.

In an interview with Reuters, Swype CEO Mike McSherry said one of his employees has created a version of Swype designed for the iPhone. Swype wants to license it to Apple.

"We would like to be on iPhone," McSherry told Reuters. "It remains to be seen."

Selling Apple on a new way for people to input text could be a tall order. The company's virtual keyboard is widely regarded as the best nonphysical mobile input system, potentially making Apple less willing to change things up. And now that Swype is on the Droid X, it may cause Apple CEO Steve Jobs to think more than twice about bringing the technology to his company's smartphones.

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