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Swype crowdsourcing words for 'living' dictionary

To keep up with the head-spinning pace of modern language, Swype is now turning to its users to help populate a "living" dictionary.

We've all had those conversations with our parents: "When I was a boy, if someone was hot, they had a fever. If they were cool, we'd say they were groovy, and a dude was a camel's ding dong."

(Credit: Nuance)

These days, thanks to the wonderfully-wild world wide web, language is moving at a head-spinning pace. We zhoosh up our floordrobe with new kicks, we damn auto-correct for misfires while sexting, and photobomb peeps in tweets. Lol.

In an effort to keep up with the rapid twists and turns in language, Swype keyboard-maker Nuance has incorporated a new feature called Living Language in the latest beta of the excellent keyboard alternative for Android phones and tablets. When turned on, Living Language will crowdsource the most popular new words its users are entering and include them in a frequently-updating library of words for everyone else.

In addition to this, there is another new feature called Smart Editor, which analyses whole sentences and underlines words that don't make sense in the context of the words around it mdash; similar to how Microsoft Word underlines grammatical errors.

Swype is still software that is sold to manufacturers rather than individual users, but if you are keen to check out these new features, you can sign up for the latest Swype beta client at

And, on a serious note, if anyone catches me saying "YOLO!", I want you to take me out behind the barn and put me out of my misery.