Switching to a Mac �ain�t ever going back.

Why is CNET News.com's Charles Cooper logging off his PC forever?

Twenty years after logging on for the first time, I’m logging off – forever.

No, IÂ’m not retiring but I am finally through with that soul-stomping repository of bad karma known as my PC. And after chucking the machine down the dumpster, I wonÂ’t ever look back because, folks, IÂ’ve switched to the Mac.

Not too loud. Somebody might dig out one of my columns from years gone by. Truth be told, I have on occasion dunned the Mac faithful for being a tad irrational, if not overly exuberant, in their glorification of AppleÂ’s technology. To be sure, as the Wall Street JournalÂ’s Walt Mossberg so eloquently explains in his Thursday column the Mac isnÂ’t for everybody.

Speaking personally, IÂ’ve had only good luck with the latest Mac incarnation, the G5. No wonder the companyÂ’s stock is soaring to new highs. Hand it to Steve Jobs for making Apple relevant again. Only a few years ago, few within the ranks of the digerati would have made that bet.

So it's goodbye protected mode. Shalom Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Auf weidersehen application registry. Meet me at autoxec.bat's silver anniversary party.

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