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Switching broadband to get easier under new Ofcom rules

Ofcom is taking the headache out of changing your broadband with new rules to ensure your current ISP can't mess you about.

Ofcom is taking the headache out of changing your broadband. New rules coming next year will ensure your current ISP can't mess you about in an effort to hang on to your business.

At the moment, switching providers involves different processes depending on what you're changing and which companies are involved. You have to contact your current provider to request a change, and they're more likely to make you jump through hoops.

Under this 'losing provider-led' model -- often involving a fiddly code -- your current ISP is in a position to delay or disrupt the transfer so as to stop you taking your business elsewhere.

Ofcom's new rules are 'gaining provider-led', which means the new provider is in the driving seat. They're the ones with the incentive to make sure things go quickly and smoothly, seeing as they're keen to sign you up and start taking your money.

The new rules will come into effect next year.

Ofcom is also considering whether to look at how easy it is to switch between paid TV services and mobile networks.

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