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SwitchEasy turns iPod Shuffle 3G chocolaty

New protective case for the iPod Shuffle 3G from SwitchEasy looks just like a piece of chocolate.

You have your iPod Shuffle 3G clipped on your arm when working out and it looks cool. So now, how about making it look yummy, too?

You can start by putting it in a ChocoShuffle, a new protective case for the iPod Shuffle 3G from SwitchEasy.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the photos of the ChocoShuffle is that I just wanted to take a bite out of it. The case looks exactly like a piece of chocolate. It even comes in three colors, representing different kinds of chocolate: milk, white, and strawberry. It's made out of shock-proof silicon and offers a nonslip thumb grip.

Is it a coincidence that a tasty piece of chocolate happens to have the perfect size and shape to be a protective case for an MP3 player? Probably. But it's still a neat idea.

The ChocoSuffle is available now and costs a little more than a Hershey bar, at $9.

Now the problem is, will the ChocoShuffle make it harder for those who are on a diet? Or will the fact that it's not actually edible help with their willpower? I'll just stick with my iPhone for now.