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Swings both ways

Atdec has a new mounting system for big screen TVs designed for flexible viewing angles.

Atdec Telehook
Atdec Telehook flexible TV mounting system

Apologies for the headline, but we couldn't help ourselves. What else are we supposed to write when the press announcement heralds a new TV mount that "swings to the left and swings to the right"?

Sniggering aside, if you're looking for a way to wall mount your new flat panel TV, the Atdec Telehook TH-37-63-AWM is specially designed for mounting LCD and plasma displays from 37 to 63 inches, up to a maximum weight of 91kg.

It has twin articulating arms and a spring supported tilting mechanism that let you laterally move the set in a 180-degree pan from the wall and also adjust the screen vertically +/- 15 degrees. You can move it between its 715mm maximum extension from the wall or fold it flat back against the wall to a minimum distance of only 190mm.

If your setting is slightly tricky, this mounting system has a lateral arm adjustment at the wall plate so the arm can be mounted "offset" from the centre of the wall plate, if needs be. It also has an integrated cable management system that allows data and power cables to be separated to reduce electro-magnetic interference.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM will add to the price of your new screen by AU$899. Check the Atdec Web site for more details.