SwingHolder stand holds your iPad so you don't have to

If you've been looking for a hands-free way to view your iPad on the couch, in the kitchen, or even on the stage, this is it. But it's expensive.

The SwingHolder stand keeps your iPad at (or close to) eye level--very handy for a variety of situations.
The SwingHolder stand keeps your iPad at (or close to) eye level--very handy for a variety of situations.Photo by Stand for Stuff LLC

The SwingHolder is an iPad stand designed to keep your tablet at eye level, whether you're lying in bed, sitting on the couch, cooking in the kitchen, or even standing on a stage.

The applications here are fairly endless. You could position your iPad in front of a treadmill or elliptical exerciser, making it easy to watch TV shows or movies. You could practice an instrument while reading onscreen sheet music. You could read an e-book without the muscle strain that often accompanies it.

What's more, the SwingHolder offers obvious benefits for the physically challenged.

The design borrows heavily from microphone stands, starting with a weighted base and fully adjustable swing arm that can raise, lower, and pivot to just about any position. The arm's counterweight helps keep the iPad in place without the need for pesky locking and unlocking.

The holder itself is compatible with both the iPad and the iPad 2. An integrated USB cable plugs into the dock connector and then runs out the base of the stand, thus keeping the experience mostly cord-free. At the same time, it lets you keep the iPad powered for extended use.

The holder also has the prerequisite cutouts to allow access to the camera, headphone jack, volume controls, and so on. You can position your iPad as high as 58 inches or as low as 5 inches.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Now for the bad news: the SwingHolder is priced at $239 (shipping included). That's pretty steep, though judging from the handful of user reviews on Amazon's product page, it's worth every penny.

What do you think? Is this something you could use? Do you agree it's a bit price-prohibitive, or do you think I'm undervaluing it?