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Sweet! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic lands on iPad

A cherished "Star Wars" game makes its debut on Apple's tablet.

Now available on iPad. Bioware

If you're a gamer and "Star Wars" fan, your day just got a little better: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) arrived on the iOS App Store for iPad.

Supported by Apple's iPad 2 (running iOS 6) and newer iterations, Knights of the Old Republic costs a stout $10, but the 1.98GB download (which unpacks to 2.5GB) represents many hours of entertaining "Star Wars" gameplay. Game developer Aspyr ported the classic game originally created by Bioware.

Tap to zap. Aspyr

In case you're not familiar with the "Star Wars" epoch covered by KOTOR, 4,000 years before the Empire ran the universe, Sith, wielding the power of the dark side of the force, wiped out nearly all of the peace-loving Jedi. In KOTOR, you excitedly start by escaping an onslaught, then experience the growing pains of being a force novice and dealing with the temptations of the dark side or the safety in the light side. The scenes include planet-hopping across a handful of exotic worlds and the task of trying to survive against a variety of powerful foes.

The game offers 40 different powers, a gaggle of customizable characters, and an optimized interface for the iPad. Nearly a decade ago, Gamespot (a CNET sister site) Editor Greg Kasavin gave KOTOR a resounding score of 8.8 and said it was obvious "a remarkable amount of effort, work, and talent went into this game. It's one of the only 'Star Wars' games that truly makes you feel, at times, as though you're a key player in, and a part of, this unique and beloved sci-fi setting."

KOTOR for iPad developer Aspyr, which offers many other "Star Wars" games for Mac OS X, said there's no information at this point regarding Knights for the iPhone or Android devices, or an app version of Knights of the Old Republic II.

Sabers and sightseeing included. Aspyr
Twi'leks hide their smile for a reason. Aspyr