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Sweet solution for your sour fruit

The Lemon Run makes seasoning your food simple.

Pucker up and smile. Kedo

I have to blog about the Lemon Run, because, according to its Web site, using it a "smile starts running down on your face." And whom, my friends, can pass that up?

The Lemon Run solves a problem that many of us face. But let's let them explain it to us:

"Do you hesitate to pick up a piece of lemon from the plate before serving it to a dish of delicacy? Worry about spurting juice all over place, onto people's face or clothes? Spoil the enjoyment for everyone around you."

I don't know about you, but I love to spoil the enjoyment for everyone around me. Wait, no. I hate to do that. So, the Lemon Run solves this problem. It's a pouch shaped like a ginkgo leaf. Put your lemon wedge inside, squeeze the sides, and lemon juice drips down the stem into your dish--without splashing anyone else at the table.

And even if the people behind the site haven't hired an English-speaking proofreader, they still have some cool product ideas. Unfortunately, it looks as if the only way to order the Lemon Run right now is to e-mail them. Anyone brave enough to try?