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Sweet luxury: the Jaguar Super V8

Sweet luxury: the Jaguar Super V8

We just started reviewing a 2006 Jaguar Super V8, and I got my first look at it today. The Super V8 is based on the XJ four-door sedan series, but it's stretched a bit and offers a similar scale of luxury as the 2006 BMW 750Li we reviewed last year. This is the kind of car that you get your chauffer to drive while you sit in back and relax. The backseats are heated and power adjustable, and the car has dual-zone climate control for the rear passengers, making it quad-zone climate control in total. A rear-seat entertainment system comes with video screens in the seat headrests, along with duplicate stereo and Bluetooth phone controls in the rear fold-down armrest.

Of course, the front seats are nice, too. It has a navigation system, of course, and its Bluetooth cell phone integration easily paired up with my Motorola V551 phone. The manual outlined a procedure to have the address book from a cell phone copied over to the car. With my phone paired up, the screen presented a big number pad on its touch screen, for easy dialing. The audio system, while good, doesn't know anything about MP3s. It won't read them off a disc, and there's no auxiliary jack. I guess when you're building a $91,000 car, you don't want to take risks by jumping on the newest technology on the block.

2006 Jaguar Super V8