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Sweet geek dreams with fluffy Google, Twitter pillows

Geek pillows on Etsy let you cuddle your favorite social network and snuggle with your top tech icons.

Geek pillows
Collect them all. Craftsquatch

Some people drift off to sleep on a bed of clouds. Customers of Etsy store Craftsquatch drift off to sleep on Google, Twitter, and Facebook pillows.

You won't need sheep anymore when you can count your Google+ friends while laying your geeky head on a $28 Google+ pillow handcrafted from fleece with a polyester filling. A matching Plus One pillow is available to complete the set.

If Facebook is more your thing, you can get a blue and white Facebook pillow for $24.99. Go ahead and poke it with your finger for a truly tactile social-media experience.

These pillows aren't all about social networking. You can also get an iPod icon, a Photoshop logo, an App Store icon, and a Chrome pillow. Cuddle with an Android or rest your weary head on a Gmail icon.

The Craftsquatch geek pillows are essentially stuffed-animal substitutes for adult geeks. The good news is they're a lot softer than trying to sleep with your tablet or laptop.

Rest your weary head on an App Store icon. Craftsquatch