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Sweet deals for high-tech execs

This year's run-up in Internet stocks has been quite profitable for more than a few high-tech execs--Stephen Case and Ed McCracken especially.

This year's run-up in Internet stocks has made America Online chief executive Stephen Case the $160 million man, in just the latest example of hefty compensation packages for high-tech executives.

Case: The $160 million man
America Online's chief received nearly $160 million in compensation last year, surpassing his pay package of the previous year nearly sixfold.

SGI shakeup came at hefty price
Though it has yet to turn around financially as a result, SGI paid a pretty penny to replace its top management team nearly eight months ago.

Welcome to Larry Ellison Inc.
Besides Netscape, Sun, and Compaq, another one of Oracle's business partners is Larry Ellison Incorporated.