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Swarovski crystal meets the fridge

LG's high-end fridge is covered with art and crystal.

Ooh la la

Here in the States, LG's latest buzzworthy item is the Shine phone, but the Korean electronics company is making waves overseas with...designer fridges. Luxury-gadget blog Born Rich has alerted us to LG's "Art Cool" line. The latest addition to this swanky collection is , decorated with a floral design by Korean painter Seung-rim Ha and spiced up with embedded Swarovski crystals.

Not exactly the sort of place where you'd stash your leftover take-out food and six-packs of Bud Light.

The Art Cool fridge may never be sold stateside, but something tells me that Americans who would actually buy this probably have the means to hop a private jet to Seoul or Dubai and pick one out.

(Photo: Born Rich)