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Swarm Light elevates audio visualization to art

The Random International design studio debuts its latest interactive light sculpture "Swarm Light," which transforms sound into animated light.

Close-up photo of Swarm Light interactive art installation
The Swarm Light interactive art installation makes its debut at Art Basel 2010. Random International

VIP attendees of the annual Design Miami/Art Basel art and design showcase in Switzerland Monday are being treated to a new interactive light sculpture from London design studio Random International.

Comprised of hundreds of LEDs that are physically linked with polished brass and electronically linked by micro controllers, Swarm Light takes audio visualization into the real world using three 3D grids of lights.

Interactivity is based around embedded microphones that pick up nearby sounds. The audio is processed in real time by software and transformed into corresponding light animations that float above you like swarms of choreographed fireflies. The effect is breathtaking.

'Swarm Light' by rAndom International / Design Miami / Art Basel 2010 from rAndom International on Vimeo.

(Via Today and Tomorrow)