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Swank Libratone speaker systems hitting U.S.

Libratone sound systems, known for their fashionable design but high price tags, have hit the U.S. and are now available in the Apple Store.


Libratone sound systems have brought their stylish European design, big sound, and hefty price tags to America with a couple of different designs now available in the Apple Store.

Until now, Copenhagen-based Libratone only made its speaker systems available in Europe, Hong Kong, and South Africa. But the Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge Apple AirPlay are now for sale online via Apple.

CNET UK reviews on Libratone speakers say the sound systems look great and link up flawlessly with your Apple devices for wireless AirPlay use, eliminating the need for clunky cables. That's where the company snags its name--from "freedom," not from any scale-friendly sign of the Zodiac.

But that freedom comes with a hefty price tag. The Libratone Live sells for $699.95, and the bigger Libratone Lounge will set you back $1,299.95. It's not cheap to enjoy a wireless sound system made from chrome, Italian cashmere, and hand-carved wood.

If these two introductory models sell well, more Libratone varieties could find their way to the U.S., but there are no official plans coming out of Denmark yet.