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Swamp Thing premieres on DC Universe May 31

The plant-based superhero made his debut on the big screen nearly four decades ago.

swamp thing

Swamp Thing is coming. 


The DC Universe streaming service is about to debut another original show, and it's a long-time fan favorite.

The first trailer for the upcoming Swamp Thing series appeared Tuesday on YouTube, and the show's set to appear on the platform May 31. It will be the first solo hero original show for DC Universe, which already aired its team-based originals Titans, Young Justice:  Outsiders and Doom Patrol.

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Although the trailer was light on screen time for the plant-based hero, Swamp Thing will be a central character in the show, along with Abby Arcane, as played by Crystal Reed. Abby is a CDC doctor investigating a deadly disease in the swamps of her hometown of Houma, Louisiana. In the comics, she's the love interest of Swamp Thing and the niece of Anton Arcane, the hero's archenemy.

The history of Swamp Thing on screen stretches back to 1982, when famed horror director Wes Craven took a crack at the creature's story.

DC and Warner Bros. revealed their Netflix-style service DC Universe in May 2018, along with a list of original programming in the works for the platform. Of that list, the animated Harley Quinn series and Stargirl will premiere later this year and the beginning of 2020, respectively.