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Suunto G6 golf watch

This watch gives you some great feedback on your golf swing.

The Suunto G6 is a cool gadget for those golfers looking for some help with their swing. PGA tour star Davis Love III is just one of many tour players that have used the G6 to measure things such as tempo,rhythm,backswing length and clubhead speed according to suunto.

The watch uses miniaturized sensors called "accelerometers" to measure various aspects of your golf swing. From takeaway to contact the watch records some 200 plus measurements during your swing.

I have used the G6 and it definitely has some benefits, the clubhead speed numbers are the only ones that I have a problem with, the watch is on your wrist so how can it possibly measure clubhead speed, it is more like hand speed. I do however like the tempo and backswing length calculations.

I think the Sunnto G6 is just a sign of things to come and it is definitely worth looking at.