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Suspected LulzSec hacker out on bail and banned from the Internet

Hacking suspect Jake Davis is out on bail today following an appearance at Westminster Magistrates' Court. The 18-year-old from the Shetland Isles has been banned from the Web ahead of his trial on 30 August.

Hacking suspect Jake Davis is out on bail and banned from the Internet. The 18-year-old from the Shetland Isles appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court today accused of hacking the Serious Organised Crime Agency -- the very unit that investigates cybercrime -- and will go on trial at the end of August.

Under the conditions of his bail, Davis isn't allowed to access the Web and must wear an electronic tag.

Davis has been charged with five offences. They include unauthorised access to a computer network, assorted criminal conspiracy charges, and involvement in a distributed denial-of-service attack on the SOCA website, suspected to be the work of hacker collective LulzSec.

The court was told Davis had 16 computers linked together that were used to co-ordinate hack attacks. The personal details of over 750,000 people were allegedly found on the computers, as well as evidence that Davis wrote the fake news article about Rupert Murdoch posted on The Sun website in another LulzSec attack.

Nineteen-year-old Ryan Cleary from Essex is also on bail and under house arrest since having his collar felt in June over five similar charges. A 16-year-old from south London and 20 hacking suspects in the US and Netherlands have also been arrested.

The police believe Davis is 'Topiary', a leading voice in the LulzSec movement. LulzSec has previously disavowed those who have been arrested -- a bit like Mission: Impossible -- and there is speculation Topiary is still at large. Topiary's Twitter feed was mysteriously wiped last week with just one defiant tweet remaining: 'You cannot arrest an idea.'

Davis will head to Southwark Crown Court in London on 30 August to stand trial.