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Sushi burger slaps raw mackerel inside a bun

We've heard of sushi burritos, but are you ready to swap out a hamburger patty for a slab of raw fish?

Raw fish gets a burger makeover.


You like sushi. You like burgers. Why not put the two together? Japanese restaurant Sushiro did just that with its Saba burger (which Technabob calls a "Filet-O-Raw-Fish"). It features a shiny uncooked piece of skin-on mackerel inside a burger bun. The burger embraces its fishy origins with sushi rice and a wasabi-mayonnaise sauce rather than the usual slice of tomato and smear of mustard.

A delightfully surreal advertising video shows Sushiro's "sushi panda" mascot frolicking about in Norway, riding a snowmobile, getting tossed from a bar and fishing for mackerel.

The burger is a limited-time offer available in November, so unless you're in Japan, you'll need to hurry up and book your plane ticket to get there in time to try one. If that's not practical, then you might be able to talk a local sushi restaurant into letting you bring your own burger bun along for dinner.

When you're done feasting on bread-berobed fish, you can try a McDonald's Nutella burger for dessert. Now all we need is a sushi-Nutella burger to really challenge our palates.