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Suse Linux COO latest exec to leave Novell

Amnon Harmon is next of Suse old guard to leave. Others include Linux CTO Geck and co-founder Mantel.

Amnon Harman, chief operating officer of Novell's Suse Linux group, will leave the company in August, sources familiar with his plans said, making him the latest departure from the server software company. Novell declined to comment or confirm the change.

Harman is not the only member of the Suse old guard to depart. Juergen Geck, chief technology officer of Linux, is leaving Friday, and co-founder Hubert Mantel left in November. Novell is in the midst of significant executive changes, including the appointment of Jeffrey Jaffe as CTO of the overall company and Ron Hovsepian, chief operating officer and heir apparent to Chief Executive Jack Messman.