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Susan Boyle bigger online than Bush, Obama, Fey

According to Visible Measures, the virally spread appearances of Susan Boyle's singing prowess, has exceeded other recent viral videos phenomena such as President Bush's shoe thrower and Tina Fey's Sarah Palin.

I know there will be very many among you who, inspired and never satiated by the YouTube video of Susan Boyle, wonder whether this is the most popular viral video of all time.

It is my duty to bring you an answer (as well as a Boyle interview with Scottish television that has already enjoyed more than 1 million views).

Visible Measures, a company that clutches the pulse of the online audience and refuses to let go, has identified more than 200 unique videos of Boyle's performance. According to Visible Measures, the combined figures seem to have exceeded the performances of George Bush's shoe thrower, Tina Fey's Sarah Palin, and President Obama's victory speech.

But she hasn't quite caught up with the "Evolution of Dance," which may have enjoyed as many as 300 million views over the years.

Visible Measures calculates that in the week that ended Friday, Boyle's "I Dreamed A Dream" attracted 47.7 million views and more than 125,000 comments.

The shoe thrower and Palin were in the 30 millions. While President Obama achieved around 18 million.

Now, please consider this. Boyle, who has revealed that she's been taunted with nicknames such as Susie Bong or Susie Simple over her lifetime, will not sing again until around May 23 at the earliest--the next round of "Britain's Got Talent."

How will the online community bear not having new Susan Boyle material to get them through their mundane cubicled days?

Perhaps a video of Simon Cowell singing "You're So Vain"? Just a viral thought.