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Survey: Verizon Wireless has best call quality

A survey by J.D. Power and Associates says that Verizon Wireless has the best call quality overall.

Verizon Wireless has earned top marks in another customer satisfaction survey from J.D. Power and Associates. Less than a month after it won the No. 1 ranking in customer service, the nation's second largest carrier won the most accolades in call quality.

Out of the six U.S. regions surveyed, Verizon held the No. 1 spot in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and West regions and tied with Sprint in the Southwest region. To win the top ranking, Verizon Wireless had to have fewer problems with dropped calls, initial connections, static and interference, and voice distortion. Meanwhile, Alltel had the best quality in the Southeast region and it tied with U.S. Cellular in the North Central region. AT&T and T-Mobile did not win call quality honors in any of the regions.

It has been a good second half of the year for Verizon Wireless. Though the carrier has long won call quality studies, it surged past T-Mobile last month to get the best reviews in a customer service satisfaction study. T-Mobile had won that prize for five consecutive years, but it still holds the title in retail sales satisfaction.

So what do you think? Does Verizon Wireless deserve the top marks?