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Survey says! Mac users happy, Windows users sad

Mac users like their Macs. Perhaps because we choose them.

In a January 2008 survey by Changewave Research the obvious became even more obvious: Mac users are very happy with their Macs, while Windows users live in the doldrums of computing Hell.

Surprising? Nah. The percentage of new home computer buyers who reported being "Very Satisfied" with their chosen operating system was as follows:

  • Mac OS X "Leopard" - 81 percent;
  • Windows XP Home - 53 percent;
  • Windows XP Pro - 51 percent;
  • Vista Home Premium - 27 percent;
  • Vista Home Basic - 15 percent

Perhaps this is just a reflection of choice. Meaning, those who actually get to choose their operating system are much happier than those who have it foisted upon them by Microsoft's overwhelming dominance of the personal computing industry.