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Survey: Many businesses plan to skip Windows 7

In a new poll, 60 percent of IT administrators said they have no plans to move to Redmond's new operating system.

Although plenty of businesses skipped Windows Vista, a significant number of corporations have no plans to quickly move to Windows 7, according to a new survey.

The survey, which received feedback from 1,000 IT administrators, found that nearly 60 percent have no current plan to adopt Windows 7. The survey, conducted by Quest Software's ScriptLogic unit, received the 1,000 responses from 20,000 surveys it distributed.

Just over a third of survey respondents said that they plan to deploy by the end of 2010, while 5.4 percent said they expected to move to Windows 7 this calendar year. Some 59 percent of those that responded said they have "no plans to deploy at this time," although certainly some of those might still move to the OS.

Microsoft is expected to finalize the code for Windows 7 later this month.

"This survey highlights the impact the economy has had on IT, with thirty five percent of respondents saying they've saved money by skipping upgrades and delaying purchases," said Nick Cavalancia, vice president of Windows management at ScriptLogic. "This is likely a reason why IT administrators will put off a Windows 7 migration."

The survey found the top two barriers to adoption were lack of time and resources (offered by 42 percent of respondents) and application compatibility (given by nearly 39 percent of those surveyed).

ScriptLogic helps companies manage their Windows systems and security.