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Survey: Half of Verizon smartphone users to take iPhone leap

A good many current Verizon Android and BlackBerry users polled say they're ready to move to the iPhone after it's released February 10, according to survey firm USamp.

Come February 10, more than a few AT&T users will jump ship to Verizon Wireless for the iPhone, but a greater number of existing Verizon customers may switch from their Androids and BlackBerrys to Apple's flagship phone.

Will Verizon customers dump their Android and BlackBerry devices for the iPhone?
Will Verizon customers dump their Android and BlackBerry devices for the iPhone? Josh Miller/CNET

At least, those are the findings of a survey released yesterday by online pollster USamp (United Sample).

Among the 700-plus smartphone users surveyed, 54 percent of Verizon's current Android and BlackBerry users say they're very or somewhat likely to switch to the Verizon iPhone as soon as it hits the stores. Breaking down those odds, a full 66 percent of BlackBerry users said they're eyeing the iPhone, while 44 percent of Android owners plan to opt for Verizon's new iPhone.

Those Verizon customers planning to go for the iPhone touted a few reasons why, mostly focusing on its "cool" features, according to USamp. A full 60 percent pointed to the iPhone's interface, 58 percent cited the phone's Web browser, 51 percent its media capabilities, 43 percent its memory capacity, and 41 percent the camera.

The desire for the Verizon iPhone ran high yesterday on the first day that the carrier took preorders for the device. Verizon said that in just the first two hours it had already sold more iPhones than on any other first-day launch in its history.

Still, not everyone's eager to make a quick leap. In the USamp survey, roughly half of Android and BlackBerry customers polled like their current devices just fine, thank you, and aren't looking to change.

Among the people who don't plan to switch, 46 percent cited the costs of converting, while 34 percent pointed to the keyboard, apparently preferring their current keyboards over the one found on the iPhone. Smaller percentages named other features, such as e-mail and messaging, maps and GPS, and customization and widgets as reasons to stick with their present phones.

Though some reports have said AT&T may lose a lot of customers when Verizon launches the iPhone, the survey found only 26 percent of AT&T users who say they're very or somewhat likely to switch on the first day. The other 74 percent plan to just wait for now. More specifically, 47 percent say it's very unlikely they'll leave AT&T for Verizon, 12 percent say it's somewhat unlikely, and 15 percent are still undecided.

Some of those polled also are so hungry for the Verizon iPhone that they plan to wait in line on February 10 to get their shot at the new device. USamp found 24 percent of Verizon customers and 29 percent of AT&T users willing to wait in line the first day.

To grab the data for its survey, USamp questioned 727 smartphone owners--AT&T customers and Verizon Android and BlackBerry users--in an online panel from January 28 to January 31.