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Survey: Few Facebookers 'friend' over looks alone

A survey by NM Incite claims that people on Facebook are generally upstanding sorts. 82 percent of them apparently friend people whom they know on Facebook. And a mere trifle of them friend because of attractiveness.

Moved as I am that North Korea's Supreme Leader died from "great mental and physical strain", I find myself wondering how much mental and physical strain went into a new survey about Facebook.

You see, this survey, performed by NM Incite--a company that appears to be a friending between McKinsey and Nielsen--offers a picture that is hard to accept.

It claims that 82 percent of Facebookers simply friend people they already know. However, should those people they already know say something they deem offensive, 55 percent of them will immediately defriend those people from their firmament.

This seems odd. At least 55 percent of people I already know are prone to say something offensive on occasion. This doesn't mean that I automatically incise them from my life. What draconian urges these Facebookers seem to have.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There's one conclusion from this survey that, should one believe it, might make one also believe that foie gras comes from puppies. For this survey declares that only 8 percent of people on Facebook friend someone because they find him or her attractive.

This is surely loopy. Or, perhaps more accurately, the 1,865 people who responded to this survey surely take mendaciousness to a level beyond that of politicians.

Though I have not yet dedicated great mental and physical strain to the numbers, I fancy that, on an average late night and early morning, there are millions and millions of people all over the world attempting to friend those they have just met and just coveted.

It is the very essence of human life to wish to be closer to those one finds alluring. How sad that those who replied to this survey apparently couldn't bring themselves to admit the truth.

I fancy the real figure of those who friend people because they fancy them is nearer (or even beyond) 50 percent.

Surely, one day, some group of hapless individuals will give honest answers to a survey. One day.