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Survey: Corporate computing expands green streak

Enterprise IT departments increasingly value green strategies, equipment, and energy savings, Forrester Research finds.

Efforts to purchase eco-friendly and energy-efficient IT equipment have expanded notably since the spring, according to 130 companies surveyed by Forrester Research.

Some 38 percent of corporations said they take environmental concerns into account when making purchasing decisions, a jump from 25 percent surveyed in April.

The top reason for going green was slashing energy costs, cited by 55 percent of respondents. Doing the right thing for the environment was the next most popular motivation, noted by half of those surveyed. And 95 percent called environmental concerns either somewhat or very important to operations.

However, the study found that most firms haven't yet put such intentions to action. Although only 15 percent said they have a solid green IT plan, 25 percent are in the process of making one, and 39 percent are considering it.

Awareness of vendors' attempts to green the design, operation, and disposal of their products has grown to 29 percent--from 15 percent in the spring.

The report recommended that firms make executive commitments to greener policies. They should also assess their energy expenses and carbon footprints without making unrealistic promises or rushing into carbon offset programs, Forrester suggested.

Most of the corporations polled are in North America or Europe and have at least 1,000 employees.