Survey: Are SharePoint sites the weakest link?

Managers worldwide say they are concerned about sensitive data appearing on a site being deployed without following best practices in security.

Twenty-two percent of the managers surveyed said they had found sensitive data on SharePoint sites. Courion

Eighty-seven percent of IT managers cited content-sharing and employee collaboration service SharePoint as their top concern for leaking sensitive data, according to a survey schedule for release on Tuesday.

Courion, an access management and compliance company, found that SharePoint sites are being deployed in some corporations without consideration of security's best practices. More than 33 percent of the organizations surveyed said they did not have a policy to manage the rights necessary to create SharePoint sites.

The study of 150 business managers conducted in September found that companies lack automated tools for provisioning SharePoint users and managing their access rights. About 37 percent of companies surveyed said they were not monitoring the creation of new SharePoint sites to make sure they conform to existing corporate guidelines and policies. Most companies, the survey showed, are largely unaware of what is happening within the information sharing environment.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said: "Any enterprise software development project should be approached with managed planning and deployments. SharePoint is no exception to this, and SharePoint installations by default do not allow software developers or end users to upload custom code without oversight by system administrators."

The survey sampled a diverse group of financial services, high tech, manufacturing, health care, retail, and public sector managers. Courion
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