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Surround for one: PowerPlay Pro-Media Chair

Surround for one: PowerPlay Pro-Media Chair

Finally, a surround-sound product for those who live alone and aren't ashamed of their isolation. The PowerPlay Pro-Media Chair (from Empower Technologies) takes an off-the-shelf Logitech Z-5500 5.1-channel speaker system and integrates it into a reasonably comfortable leather chair. The surround system for one aims to create a perfect sweet spot: the rear-channel surrounds are built into the headrest, while the front-channel speakers are outboard mounted from the armrests. The subwoofer is strapped to the bottom of the seat and flanked by a bass shaker. The center-channel speaker, meanwhile, is front and center, pointed straight at the crotch of the chair's occupant--a design choice that we somehow suspect will thrill at least as many users as it annoys. The plug-and-play system includes two digital and four analog inputs, enabling easy hookup to any virtually any A/V device, including a DVD player, a video game system, or a PC. The Pro-Media Chair is available now for $1,000. Yes, that's a $700 premium above the price of the speakers--but it looks a lot better than duct-taping the Logitechs to your easy chair.