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Surface Pro surfaces in January

Pricing pitches the Surface Pro directly against laptops, rather than the iPad.

While there's no Australian pricing yet, the US pricing shows that the Pro version of Microsoft's Surface ain't cheap.

(Credit: Microsoft)

With a 64GB version expected to cost US$899 and a 128GB version costing US$999, both models come with a stylus but forgo the Touch/Type Cover. At this price, the Pro is geared to compete against laptops, not tablets. This is Microsoft's shot at the next evolution of laptops.

With a full HD screen, 4GB of RAM and an unspecified Core i5 inside, it'll likely do reasonably well on the performance front, but we're wondering how well consumers will take to it. On the one hand, basic users will be perfectly happy with their much cheaper iPads and Android tablets, but the more complex users will opt for a laptop, and at least get a keyboard with it.

The Surface Pro is expected in the US in January, and considering Microsoft's track record of late, we wouldn't expect it to be too long before it's in Australia, too, sold from