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Surface Mini will have a 7.5-inch screen, sources say

The smaller version of Microsoft's tablet will have a 7.5-inch screen, according to people from the display world.

Here's some more info on the rumoured Surface Mini tablet. Microsoft's diddy device will have a 7.5-inch screen, according to sources.

That's according to analyst firms NPD DisplaySearch and IHS iSuppli, CNET reports.

Last year came reports that Microsoft was testing a 7-inch tablet, while others claimed 8 inches was on the money. It's possible that Microsoft has been testing all these sizes, and has now plumped for 7.5 inches. Though nothing is confirmed as yet.

The Redmond-based company uses 10.6-inch screens on its current crop of Surface tablets (including the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2). If the Mini does feature a 7.5-inch screen, the 3-inch difference between the two would be more than the 2-inch between the iPad and iPad mini.

There's more fuel to add to the rumour fire, too. Microsoft updated its developer tools for Windows 8.1 earlier this year, and specifically included references to 7.5-inch tablets running at a 1,440x1,080-pixel resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio. So that could well be the resolution of the Surface Mini.

The tiny tablet could also come with 3G or 4G connectivity. That would be a first for a Microsoft slate.

Microsoft unveiled its new Surface tablets this week. They'll go on sale here in Blighty on 22 October. They're still pretty pricey though, with the Pro 2 -- which runs the full-fat Windows 8 -- costing at least £719.

Microsoft is currently in the process of taking over Nokia's mobile division. Nokia is rumoured to be readying a tablet of its own, so we'll have to see how that pans out. We should see some new Nokia devices at its event, also on 22 October. Coincidence? Probably, actually.

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