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Surface: Design starts on the outside...

Welcome to Surface, CNET blogging on design.

Welcome to Surface, CNET blogging on design... and no, we're not superficial, but let's be realistic here... first impressions count for a lot, especially when it comes to the products and accessories you surround yourself with... be it in your office spaces, kitchen, living room, and especially the things you wear. So i'm sure this blog will be evolving (and quickly!) but i'll be covering all things great and gorgeous for your everyday, especially those details that complement your tech and gadget filled lifestyles. So here's a quick overdose of what you will definitely be seeing more of soon. (Links to find out more on each product after the jump.)

Some designer goodness as shown above:

- Hulger's Penelope Bluetooth Phone Handset in maroon, cost: 100 pounds.

- Offi Overlap Tray in walnut at Design Public, cost: $139.

- Lomo Oktomat at Flight 001, cost: $50.

- Egglings, herbs that grow out of real eggshells, at Elsewares, cost: $9.50.

- Pit Green Microgolfer at A+R Store, cost: $80.

- Continental Bread n' Spread Plate with space for a perfect slice of toast and some spread by Luka, cost: unknown.