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Surface 2 improvements touted in Microsoft video

The video takes us on a tour of the Surface 2 tablet, with special nods to the enhanced Touch Cover and keyboard.

You can create gestures by swiping across the keyboard in Surface 2.
You can create gestures by swiping across the keyboard in Surface 2. YouTube/Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

A new Microsoft video shines the spotlight on a few of the new and improved features in the Surface 2 tablet.

Available via YouTube, the "Making of Surface 2" video highlights the new Touch Cover, showing how you can create touch gestures by swiping across keys, thanks to a high-resolution sensor. The original Surface embedded a pressure sensor under every button. But the new Surface uses a matrix of sensors spread out across the entire keyboard, thus allowing for gestures, as well as more accurate keystrokes.

Available in a wider array of colors, the Surface 2's Touch Cover also adds backlighting to the keyboard. Finally, a new kickstand offers a couple of different angles -- one designed for a flat surface and another designed for your lap.

The Surface 2 is available for preorder. The 32GB version sells for $449, while the 64GB edition will cost $549. Microsoft said last week that the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are in short supply, though it didn't reveal specific preorder numbers.

The Surface 2 will run Windows RT, while the Surface Pro 2 will be outfitted with Windows 8.1. Both models are due to reach stores October 22.