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Surface 2 Diaries: the prequel

Nic Healey kicks off a new challenge for the start of 2014: using the Microsoft Surface 2 as his only work computer for one week.

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I've had a couple of months to recover from my Chromebook experiment and — glutton for punishment that I am — it's time for something new.

So welcome to the Surface 2 Diaries. Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be using Microsoft's Surface 2 as my sole work computer for a whole week.

I've got the 32GB version, which retails for AU$529, and has the following specs:

  • Windows 8.1 RT as the OS

  • 2GB of RAM

  • A quad-core Tegra 4 processor running at 1.7Ghz

  • A claimed battery life of 10 hours — and that's, apparently, of solid video playback!

  • And I'll be pairing it with the Type Cover 2

You'll note that while Microsoft have taken the RT away from the product name, they've left it on the OS. Yes, this still uses the cut-down RT version of Windows rather than the full Windows 8.1 you'll find on the Surface Pro 2.

In his review of the Surface 2, my colleague Eric Franklin noted that while the Surface 2 was a big improvement over the Surface RT there were still "software limitations" regarding the use of Windows RT. So this should be fun.

I'll just add that, from my initial set up of the Surface, this is a beautifully designed bit of hardware. It's light, but feels very solid in its build. It's also feeling nicely zippy and responsive. Let's see if this enthusiasm lasts the whole day tomorrow — especially as I'll be kicking off by working from home tomorrow morning...