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Surface 2 Diaries: day four

The Surface proves itself to be pretty skilled when it comes to getting work done while out and about.

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With the past few days spent mostly in the office, day four was all about getting work done on the road.

Well, not exactly on the road. The first part of the day was spent working away from my desk but still in the office. The latter part of the day was about getting out and about, culminating with me writing and posting today's diary from one of the cafes near the CNET Australia offices. Which worked, obviously, as you're reading this. (Although our VPN access was a little sluggish on the free Wi-Fi — such is life.)

In general, today has been a broadly successful enterprise and the Surface 2 continues to impress with its 'business' chops. On that note, I'd like to give a shout out to commenter RickyH2 who posted a link yesterday that helped me change the IE settings to open on the desktop version by default — it's helped productivity immeasurably.

A few strange niggles still occur, of course. I made a number of changes to the auto-formatting settings in Word a few days ago, all designed to ensure what I wrote adhered to our house style. This morning, they'd all been changed back to the defaults and I'm not sure why.

While we're talking about Word, the tablet doesn't like remembering where I've been saving files. Whenever I save a new file, it immediately defaults to me saving in Skydrive, despite the fact I've been saving to the device's hard drive every other time.

The Surface 2 also seems to get a bit funny coming back from standby mode after a night off. There's usually a few different attempts required before the screen comes to life. Today was stranger than usual as neither the Type Cover nor the on-screen keyboard would let me type my password so I could sign on. One reboot later and all was well, but I'm not sure what went wrong.

But none of these are truly big issues, and the light-but-sturdy design of the Surface 2, along with the solid battery life, has made today quite the success story. Bring on day five!