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Surf in comfort with PC-chair combo

Just like the ones at the airport

You may have seen something like this at a hotel or airport, but now it could be coming to your home (if you have an understanding spousal unit or significant other).

Concept & Management

The Ronda Media Chair has a built-in computer with a router integrated into the frame and a power cord in the back. As Coolest Gadgets points out, no prices are available without asking the company directly.

The Ronda also includes optional creature comforts such as a matching two-seater bench or end table. If they can figure out a way to build in a coffee maker and a fridge, we'd be seriously tempted.

(Update: Alert Craver Chris wrote in to tell us that the enterprising folks at SlashGear ferreted out these specs for the PC: "The computer itself is based around a touchscreen 10.4-inch TFT with compact, back-lit keyboard and trackpoint-style mouse, running WinXP Pro embedded on a 1GHz Celeron M with half-a-gig of RAM and a 20GB 1.8-inch hard drive.")