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This personal helicopter looks and flies like a drone

The SureFly by Workhorse has eight rotors on four arms, a range of 70 miles and costs about $200,000.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Ever wanted to just jump into your own helicopter and zip across the sky to grab a quick coffee with your friends? With a price of around $200,000, the SureFly personal helicopter costs a lot less than a traditional whirlybird.

It uses eight propellers, spread across four arms, giving it much more stability in the air than a regular, single-rotor helicopter, SureFly maker Workhorse says. It's much the same system as that found on the four-rotor DJI Phantom drones, only you'll be inside the SureFly while you're barreling through the air. 

The controls are very basic -- just a couple of buttons and a joystick -- to keep operation as simple as possible. You can even programme a route into the touchscreen display and the SureFly will get there autonomously for you. It has a range of 70 miles and there's a backup battery that gives an extra five minutes of flight time to get you safely back down to the ground.

It's made by Workhouse -- a company that recently teamed up with UPS to successfully test an autonomous delivery drone that took off from the back of a UPS truck.

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