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Supposed iPad 3 display goes under the microscope again

The display that could belong to an iPad 3--or whatever it's going to be called--has received a closer examination.

A shot of an iPad 2 display next to what might be the iPad 3's display
A shot of an iPad 2 display next to what might be the iPad 3's display iFixit

The display that may or may not belong to Apple's next iPad has been given a more thorough once-over.

MacRumors, which last week posted photos--including microscope-enlarged shots--of a panel it claimed to belong to an upcoming iPad, has run a follow-up today with that same panel. The difference this time is that the display has been handed over to iFixit, the site that's perhaps best known for posting detailed tear downs of gadgets and identifying where the individual components come from.

The site ran the panel under a USB microscope yet again, which resulted in a considerably better looking image of the higher pixel density panel than before, and confirming a 2048x1536 resolution, twice that on the previous two iPads. iFixit also went one step beyond the original report in setting it side by side with the identical component from an iPad 2 to show that the two bear resemblance to one another, while noting that this mystery display is .6 ounces lighter than the one from the iPad 2.

A crisper looking shot of the two displays under a microscope.
A crisper looking shot of the two displays under a microscope. iFixit

The original hope in giving it to iFixit, MacRumors says, was to get the display working with an existing iPad--something that did not happen due to a difference in connectors. Nor did a microscopic inspection yield anything that would definitively tie it back with Apple as a manufacturer.

Speculation about Apple doubling the number of pixels in each direction of the screen has been long-running, with rumors of such a feature swirling even ahead of Apple's second-generation iPad model. In recent months, the technology has sounded closer to coming to fruition, with separate high-profile reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal touting it as a new addition.

Apple is expected to introduce the iPad 3 in the first week of March, around the same time the company took the wraps off the iPad 2 last year. Multiple reports have pegged that as the date, with other features hinted to include a quad-core processor and 4G LTE networking. For more, see CNET's iPad 3 rumor roundup.