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'Supper Sound System' has good taste

Ceramic cases look like table settings.

Don't poor beer in these Taguchi Craft

If speaker systems can be designed to fit in with the bathroom decor, then surely a set for the dining room table is eminently reasonable. The "Supper Sound System" delivers on the promise of its name, blending in seamlessly next to the salt and pepper shakers in ceramic cases molded to look like bottles, tumblers and other dinnerware. Technabob notes that the base station even resembles a serving dish.

The system, made by Japan-based Taguchi Craft, is apparently taking the opposite approach from other home stereo designers in believing that sound equipment should be seen as well as heard. But if you want to keep your guests guessing, you could also install some SoundArt speakers and have music literally coming from the walls and tables at the same time.