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Superman takes on Darth Vader in fan-made teaser

YouTuber Alex Luthor is back with another one of his incredible mashups, this time pitting "Star Wars" characters against the DC Comic Universe. Watch the full teaser ahead of Sunday's release.

I really enjoyed Alex Luthor's video last month that pitted superheroes from the Marvel and DC Comics universes against eachother. But I'm even more excited for his next project.

On Thursday, Luthor posted a teaser video to his YouTube channel announcing that a new mashup would land this weekend, this time with DC Comics and "Star Wars" characters facing off in an epic battle. The teaser gives us about 30 seconds of footage from the upcoming release, and shows "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters aboard a spaceship headed toward the Death Star, Scout troopers chasing after Captain America on their speeders and Superman set to take on Darth Vader.

The full clip is set to launch on Luthor's YouTube page on Sunday, and if it's half as good as his Marvel vs. DC Comics clip, it might just be the "Star Wars" vs. DC Comics short you're looking for.