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Superheroes can't seem to leave Stan Lee alone

Stan Lee's myriad appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be cute nods to the co-creator of so many beloved characters. Or, as a new video shows, it might tell a sad story.

I never thought I'd be a Stan Lee cameo truther, but here we are.

Youtube channel The Lampost has strung together the comic maven's ubiquitous cameos across the Marvel Cinematic Universe to tell the story of a man. Not, as popular opinion has it, an all-seeing extraterrestrial tasked with observing Earth, but just an average guy who has a rough go of it. Mostly due to all those pesky superheroes that keep crossing his path.

The 8-minute video even finds a way to weave in Lee's appearances in the 1940s portions of Marvel's cinematic continuity. And when he's in space.

It would be alarmist to say that this changes everything and Marvel movies will never be the same. But next time you watch the two-fisted antics of superheroes on the big screen, spare a minute to think about just how it affects nonagenarian millionaires.