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Superhero smackdown! Who should win these epic match-ups?

With Superman coming to blows with Batman in theaters, we had to wonder how other superhero match-ups would shake out. CNET readers, assemble!

When you have a medium with lots of characters who have extraordinary powers, the apparent natural tendency is to wonder which ones could best beat the living daylights out of the others. If science could somehow harness the energy from every discussion/argument over which superhero would win in a fight, we'd never have another energy crisis.

That said, we've set up a face-off between various superheroes, and it's up to you, true believers, to decide which character would best the other. Does Superman's sheer power put him ahead of Batman's strategy? Which speedster has what it takes: the Flash or Quicksilver? Is Wonder Woman's Amazon strength enough to counter Supergirl's Kryptonian abilities?

You don't need to show your calculations, either; just a simple click will suffice. Let the showdown begin!