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Superhero backpack saves the day for back to school

Two moms have designed a pack that will help young students (and their imaginations) take flight.

Out to vanquish crime -- and their lunches. The Grommet

If you're a parent of a young child, you're no doubt constantly looking for ways to empower your children and broaden their horizons. We all want our kids to feel like they can do anything and choose to use their powers for good. In short, we're all trying to raise little superheroes.

According to the SuperME Web site, "super moms" Daphne and Rena got together to drive the point home with a line of super-sweet backpacks that come with a built-in cape or hoodie and matching mask to protect your youngster's secret identity.

The designs are generic and free of any commercial characters (and accompanying licensing fees), allowing a little more room for your child's imagination to blossom as they fly off to school on a magic spaceship made of flowers (stole that one from my daughter).

The SuperME cape backpack costs $39 and comes in seven different designs, including "Ninja," "Naturalist," and the edgy and intriguing "Urbanista" model. You also can find five of those same themes available with a hoodie instead of a cape for $49, a slightly more practical option for young superheroes who might run into inclement weather more often.

You can see a few snippets of the SuperME in action below. You may want to jump on these now before the villians finish developing back-to-school fashion accessories for their children. The planet is counting on you and your family, after all.